Review of Dragon Quest 5 Hand of the Heavenly Bride

After launching the previous series of dragon quest franchise, Square Enix has come back along with the pantheon of JRPG excellence, Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.

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Dragon Quest V designed for iOS and Android is similar to the most Dragon Quest games, where you will play as young traveler that is exploring the world alongside your father.

On the other words, you will begin Dragon Quest V as a kid, where you will go on a trip that is more than worthy of the series’ legacy.
Later on, as the time goes by, you will grow up, experience loss, travel with friends, travel alone, fight monsters, befriend monsters, find your wife, and have kids of your own.

On the other side, Dragon Quest V originated on the Super Famicom comes with all the modern upgrades, including animated enemies and an extra bride.

Here, you are fighting it out amongst various dungeons and world map encounters.
Then, you can recruit monsters to help you out, which is both interesting and useful.
And, every monster you take on is worth a second look in high detail and multiple attack animations.

That said, there is a significant amount of level-grinding early in the adventure, in that the opening quest and emptying a castle of some haunted visitors are not especially compelling though.

However, in related to the iOS port, Dragon Quest V is not entirely comfortably designed.
If you view this game from a portrait perspective, this new series of Dragon Quest is aimed towards one handed play with a virtual d-pad and buttons to dictate things like menus.

In line with this, it is not entirely accurate, with it all too easy for you to go in the wrong direction, but you will have to get used to it to direct your character wherever he will move.
In addition, if you are big fan of traditional turn-based JRPGs, this new series is wort to snatch up.


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