Review of Dragon Quest 3 The Seeds of Salvation

After launching the previous series of dragon quest, Dragon Quest 2, Square Enix has recently launched classic JRPG Dragon Quest 3 on iOS and Android devices.

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In this game, you will be allowed to create a custom party drawn from multiple character classes and you will meet some innovations like a day or night cycle and a character job-changing system.

Later on this game, you will take a control of a young hero who sets out on a journey to find useful equipment and information hidden everywhere that will be needed to defeat the Archfiend Baramos, who has killed the hero’s father prior to the game’s beginning.

On the other words, this game will let you to juggle character classes and reach a high enough level then reset a companion with a new class.

During in the combat session, fighting here consists of little except repeatedly stabbing the “attack” button and picking a target for your hero.

Here, the standard plot is improved by the many characters where you will meet them during your journey, which make Dragon Quest III’s world feel more alive.

Alongside, all of the generic party members will come along with different jobs, which bestow them different abilities.
For further, you will also be able to change your class while retaining all the benefits of the previous one, that makes this game a much better one than the previous series.

Also, this game has made in the soundtrack, with the orchestral pieces and 8-bit sound effects sounding incredibly nice to hear.

In conclusion, Dragon Quest III iOS is pretty good to taste and to experience this excellent role playing game.

With some charming characters, great growth system, improved item management and expanded battle system, this game is really more like a modern role playing game to enjoy even without prior knowledge of the series.

Unfortunately, this version of the game seems to lack some of the content included in the GameBoy Color port but this issue is not only a minor complaint, considering how good the plot and the characters game generally are.

If you are big fans of Japanese role playing games, you have to download and play this game then feel your journey with some cute heroes.


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