Review of Dragon Fantasy The Black Tome of Ice as Classic RPG

The Muteki Corporation has continue to launch a new series of The Dragon Fantasy game, the goofy RPG called as Dragon Fantasy The Black Tome of Ice on the apple store recently.

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This new series of Dragon Fantasy introduces the still-balding hero, Ogden, who has a vivid dream about saving princesses from dragons that will bring him to have a journey in the game

In this game, every single hero will gets their own brief description related their stats
This game also tried to present a combat system similar to classic RPGs combined between the random encounters and first-person perspective

In line with this, if you are about to start a battle, you will see that the enemies will usually chase after you for a bit as well
To deal with this, you can lead them away from important areas or you can try to group more of them together to get bigger rewards in a single combat there.

During in the combat, you can attacks multiple targets at once within certain ranges and directions.
Because of this, some enemies will end up in new spots after attacking, in which it can be annoying if you try to cast a 4-in-1 hit and suddenly only connect with 2 to them

On the other side, you can also catch the monsters you that fight and use them in your party to help you defeat the enemies on the screen

In the mean time, you will also have to level up the monsters which you have recruited and be sure to learn new special attacks, and use equipment as well.

In related to the control options of this game, the default control scheme serves a kind of virtual analog stick that can trigger whenever you touch and drag on the screen, in which using this may gives some irritation.

Moreover, sometimes you will feel it your walk to run too easily, while other times it seems to refuse to run until you lift up your thumb and start moving again.

Besides, you can also try to use the virtual D-pad option which will work much better
This control seems to offer dedicated movement and run buttons that support your actions a lot

Using any control options here will be based upon your play style
You will really feel it when you are trying to avoid or control the movement of enemies during the game

On the other side, playing in either a vertical or horizontal screen will give your the different view
If you play this game horizontally, you will get a better view of the action
And, if you play it in vertical screen, you will see a map of the area that can be pretty useful.

Along with it, the combat interface will be better if you play it vertically
It is caused by you can choose individual enemies and you can see how an area-effect attack might work on there

In conclusion, this game is definitely a worthwhile sequel to Dragon Fantasy that prove to deliver comfort control button and different intense battle when you play it either in vertical or horizontal screen.
Perhaps, you may need to play it on your phone to really feel the gameplay experience along the game


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