Review of Downwell as A Shooting Game

Devolver Digital has recently presented Downwell which is like a shooting game about a young boy venturing down a well to discover untold treasures accompanied by his Gunboots to protect him.

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In this game, you will guide that boy to go further down into the well filled with nasty creatures and mysterious secrets to gather up the spectacular red gems scattered about the rocks.

There, you can also step into placed shops and get some helpful items to be equipped for your safety
You will also have to level up your characters by battling with well-dwelling monsters in the levels and discovering hidden caves filled with riches and relics.

In related to the control options, this game has responsive controls which are specifically designed for mobile from the ground up

Besides, this game also features intuitive and elegant controls that allow you to do an action-packed gameplay using just three buttons.

To protect your self, you will have Gunboots to unleash a torrent of firepower on the nasty creatures dwelling in the well
Besides, you can also have unique weapons and items in the shop and get powerful upgrades from there

Anyway, playing this game is all about to jump, while unleashing a shot from your handy-dandy gun boots.

During your journey, you may meet hardy enemies, and some are resident to gunfire.
But, you can dispatch them by jumping on their heads
Sometimes, some spiked villains can damage you if you try to stomp them.

To survive in the game will rely on your action to blast everything in your way
Besides, you have to proceed carefully and land on platforms while reloading your ammo and getting your bearings.
Remember not to wait too long or to be swarmed by enemies lived there.

When performing your actions, you will get moments of respite in time-bubbles containing shops and gun power-ups.
Moreover, you can shift between multiple play styles that will make this game ease depending on how you play.
If you play more times into the pit, you will have a chance to unlock cool options.

Entirely, Downwell is easily one of the best action games that you can play on the ios mainly
This game also offers intense, unique feature, and you will sometimes unlock something new.

Moreover, Downwell is pretty cool in its current form because of the stark black, white, and its default color palette delivering a great graphic to play fora any longer on your mobile


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