Review of Docking Sequence as A Classic Arcade Game

Quantum Sheep as the creator of Air Supply Infinite which was the Jetpac concept and a good old twist, wrapped in a frantic action game in the classic arcade style, has continued to launch the next game, which is named as Docking Sequence

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In this game, you will play as a pilot of a spaceship with a very small fuel tank, and you should make your way from station to station until you can reach home.
Each stage here will be a docking sequence in which the stations come in different shapes and rotate at different speeds
And, all you need to do is to guide your ship to the landing point without crashing into anything.

Moreover, you will sometimes experience the slightest hit that will destroy your ship
For such reasons, you need to move carefully
But, every move takes some of your precious fuel supply, and if you run out of fuel, you need to wait a five-second to regenerate, and when it hits zero, you are finished here.

You will encounter the route home that covers ten different systems, each with ten stations, for a total of 100 stages.
Along the game, you will deal with various hazards and obstacles, such as asteroids, mines, pirates who take shots at you, and wormholes that allow you to move instantly from one point to another.

Later on, every time you have successfully rescued the floating astronauts in each stage, you will be able to unlock new music.
To get it, make sure to make a safe landing with them in tow.
As for the colors, they unlock when you have stocked a certain amount of fuel.
And, if you come in under the wire every time, you cannot unlock any new colors.

To play this game, you will simply move your ship by swiping in a direction, with the speed determined by how quickly you swipe.
In the mean time, you can stop almost on a dime by tapping or holding down on the screen.
At this point, swiping needs fuel, so you should make it to the landing spot safely with as few swipes as possible.

Always remember to always focus on just getting your ship to safety, the you can pick up astronauts and conserve fuel for unlockables.

On the other side, you will also be assigned to get score as high as possible that you can do by docking without crashing in each stage.
Anyway, getting a high score in this game will need a good skill of the ship’s controls and how to react to the various hazards individually and collectively.

However, there is an overall lack of polish in the presentation, particularly with how the graphics are presented on certain screen dimensions.

In addition, Docking Sequence is a kind of a simple and challenging game to hit the spot as a twitch game which you will have to taste if you are big fans of spaceships game.


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