Review of Digit & Dash

Insomniac Games has presented Digit and Dash game as endless runner for ios users where you will guide two endless runners at the same time by jumping, slamming and dashing as they will go through mind-bending, dangerous levels along the game.

digit and dash walkthrough ios android

On the left side of the screen, one character is running and jumping to avoid obstacles
In the mean time, the other one with their own set of things has to avoid on the other side.
You will experience a pretty fun and very challenging game.

During your action, you can use well-timed jumps and slams to propel the other higher in the air while avoiding bigger obstacles to go to the next level.
Also, you can activate switches and unlock pickups through skillful timing and fast-twitch responses.

Sometimes, you will also get instances where you have to double-tap one character to launch the other into the air to avoid some obstacles, and this will make for some interesting scenarios to play.

In addition, combining a runner with another runner has made this game smartly and challenging enough to make it worth to play with.


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