Review of Devouring Stars as A Magnificent RTS

Devouring Stars from Bulkypix can be said as a magnificent rel time strategy for mobile devices set into the cosmos which is based on adaptive unit combination and space resources harvesting.

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Unlike any real time strategy out there, Devouring Stars seems to bring a different scope to the RTS genre which offers visual and audio refinement here and there.

Along the game, you will take a role as a tribe of godlike entities trapped in Tartarus, that is a corner of the universe to order a group of smaller gods to swallow the stars

And, you are hunted by 4 other tribes, whereby you will have to defend yourself with the ability to devour space starfields and make dynamic protective nebulae

And, you can also merge to grow into more advanced units with special abilities such freezing enemies, taking control of them, attacking them from afar, and more.

In line with this, this game also features some gorgeous art and some challenging scenarios where you will be able to draw a line on the screen which your gods will follow
And, you can use this line to direct your gods towards the stars you want them to devour.

In this game, some stars are quite difficult to swallow, whereby you must be smart with your approach when trying to complete the campaign

To deal with this, you can try to find a way to lure stars into attacking one another, while others will make a massive army to conquer anything.

In accordance with the story, this game has contributed the clever gameplay and the incredibly interesting narrative from one level to another.

Beyond this, this game Devouring Stars has provided the different gameplay than the other rts out there have commonly delivered on mobile platforms

In other words, this is a clever play on the strategy genre which will keep you coming back to test out the numerous different ways to play with.


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