Review of Devious Dungeon 2

Devious Dungeon 2 is developed by Ravenous Games where you will be brought to go for an adventure behind the walls of the castle.

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During your adventure there, you will go fighting against monsters and overcome some traps then you will go for the domain of the summoner

Early on this game, you will select an adventurer, that is one of three classes
Afterward, you will go through a series of randomized levels in that each is laid out like a platformer with your primary aim being to find a key to unlock the portal to the next stage.

To move your hero, you will be served with virtual buttons form the controls with one button for jumping and interacting with objects, while the other performs an attack move.
You can also perform a kind of sliding dodge move too.

When playing in each level, you are restored to your village with all the experience and coins you have gained before.

If you have enough coins, you can use them to get new weapons and armor, which make all the difference, as well as potions for health benefits.

To earn more coins, you can also purchase a coin doubler to speed things along
Also, there is a steady stream of quests and mini-bosses that also reward you and are fun to work towards.

Anyway, the experience of this game will bring you to work your way through the castles and you will keep questing to make your hero stronger a lot more.


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