Review of Defenders of Suntoria by Melesta

Melesta has brought a new tower defense genre with its basic game structure which is bundled in Defenders of Suntoria.

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This game is tower-free coming along with traps, heroes and doors into the mix.
You will meet the objective, the zigzagging paths and wave-based invasion, and also the new elements or resources at your disposal.

You will find some levels to have multiple doors and you can freely open or close any of them before or during battle as part of strategic deployment.
In this game, all enemies tend to run through opened doors
And, if those doors are closed, they will sabotage the nearest door.
For such reasons, you can simply close or open a door in order to lure them to pass the paths filled with more traps, and split a horde to make the best of the traps and hero attacks with a cool-down, to shuttle to and fro repeatedly over a certain deadly section.

Here, you can then set different traps with wood stakes, bear traps, saws and a few more are at your disposal.
Then, you should try to lay them on their own unique platforms, and level them up through three tiers after buying the corresponding upgrades in the shop.
Anyway, you may instantly lose the battle if picking a wrong trap or placing the right trap on the wrong place.

In term of heroes, this game introduces four heroes namely Archer, Knight, Mage and Barbarian.
They will attack automatically when enemies enter their attack range.
Later on, you are able to equip them up and move them to a position in the midst of a battle, which will come to rescue or eschew the hero-hunting rogue-like enemies.
At that time, always stay alert of your own traps, as well.

In conclusion, this game also mixes some RPG elements, which will get you to level up your traps and gear up heroes with weapon and armor.
However, the developer also features stars in IAP that you have to buy them to unlock trap or hero upgrades, and you can use those coins to purchase new heroes and gears and get extra potions.

And if your heroes die in a level, you must wait for an hour if you are not willing to pay 100 stars to revive them instantly.

In related to the stars, you will earn them more by completing a stage
Here, you need loads more to grow stronger and advance, that will be the difficulty level of the game. thus, you can simply purchase stars for real cash, or grinding a lot or quit the game.
It is all up to you to make the decision to go for the next moves in this game


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