Review of Day of the Viking by adult swim

Day of the Viking is the kind of game that will test your defense skill where you will have to attack incoming enemies trying to take over your territory

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Now vikings encounter long winter in which their cupboards and pantries are empty, whereby their last hope is to take over your castle for collecting supplies, food, riches and more resources.
Because of this, you have to defend your castle from waves of attack.
At this point, you will have to cross 80 missions, with a horde of vikings out to get you.

Along the game, you will simply tap on waves of incoming vikings, by controlling your archers to deliver their arrows upon them, while also being able to fling stones or explosive barrels at them.
Moreover, you will also be able to use the slingshot to send your boulders as well.

Furthermore, the vikings will get smarter, building shields, slides, and moving war machines to get past your defenses.
In line with this, you will have to use your coins that you have collected from each stage
With these coins, you are able to upgrade your fortifications and ammunition.

Every level in this game is all purely instinctive, with many levels bordering on the overwhelming but just about dodging it.
You will meet three objectives per level that will give you some purpose as to what to do next, including things such as taking no damage or killing a certain number of vikings with one rock.

On the other side, you will have to get into an upgrade system that provides you a basic tactical layer.
Anyway, it can sometimes turn a bit repetitive, especially during extended sessions.
Also, that simple two-pronged control method is both its blessing and its curse in which you can try mixing things up a bit by dishing out explosive barrels or double and triple arrow boosts that will help you to go through tough level
But, it will not quite be enough to detract from the repetitive factor.

However, this game is lacking more of a wacky touch, but it will be great to taste this game for a while in which you will not meet any iop store at this moment.


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