Review of Cubway as A Simple Cube Puzzle

Cubway from ArmNomads presents an abstract story of lifecycle of rebirth, which is named as Samsara.
In this game, you will guide the cube through full of dangers and difficulties, where you can also visit some interesting and mysterious places on your device.

cubway walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game will get you to move across the screen, while avoiding obstacles when the only controls you have involve moving forwards.

You will here to control a red dot to get it to a gate of sorts on the opposite side of the screen.
So, you will merely tap left to move left and tap right to move right.

Also, you need to get close to black chunks of scenery and watch them move out of your way.
Sometimes, you may find special nodes to move up and down as well as left and right.
And, you may also find blocks that collapse in your direction when getting close to them
You may get levels that block you off entirely which will be needed to get them completed quickly

Anyway, Cubway is simple but incredibly difficult to play
Such game is a melting pot of ideas where you can control with a single finger on your phone

However, this game seems to not be played for those who like their mobile experiences to involve as small an amount of skill


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