Review of Crystal Siege HD by FDG Entertainment

Crystal Siege HD applies the standard tower defense formula and it is wrapped in RPG basics element.
In line with this, the developers seems to put a lot of work into the RPG elements of the game

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Taken a look from the preview of this game, your hero is on an epic quest, along with plenty of dialogue to move the story along.

Your hero then will discover and purchase new weapons along with gear that are used to modify his stats.
Later on, he will also be able to unlock new spells and go hands-on with combat and all you will need to do is to have more control than traditionally passive TD.

this game is also coming with a controllable hero, fixed placement points for towers, and branching tower upgrades.
However this is mixed with an XP-per-tower requirement, it means the you cannot spend your funds to make yourself stronger in a certain area unless those towers have already leveled up.
Here, you will go with little tower XP or little currency to upgrade your hero.

Along the game, you will have to protect gems in each level whereby enemies will also try to collect and carry back to the entrance point.
Playing this game feels a bit like a bar band playing selections from tower defense’s greatest hits as there are interactive elements hidden in more than a few of the maps
At this point, you will see a water pump that let you create a canal that enemies cannot cross to a ballista that lets you fire arrows in pull-and-release fashion.
In the second chapter, you will be brought to the snowy north, with a winter wind that will sometimes blow enemies back.

In addition, this game becomes well worth a play for fans of the genre.
However, there is a pretty decent tower defense title that tries some new things which will set the world on fire like Kingdom Rush did
Anyway, if you are big fan of tower defense games, Crystal Siege HD will be worth to play


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