Review of Crooked Path as Auto Runner Game

For those who like playing an auto-runner and puzzle game on mobile, you may have to try paying Crooked Path on the go

crooked path walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is merely to control an auto running character by tapping the screen to make them turn.

Here, you will be assigned to reach the finish line, while hitting switches, running through portals, and solving puzzles to complete the levels.

In each level, you will see little jewels scattered along the path
These kind of jewels can be said as your guide to solve the puzzle
Collecting them will allow you to increase your score.

When walking on the platform or the path in each level, you will be challenged to navigate your character without falling off walkways.

In line with this, always watch out your step as the paths are so narrow and your character is running so fast
Never mistime a tap or your character will not complete the level, your character will respawn at the beginning of the level
Anyway, any progress which includes solving puzzles or gathering jewels will remain intact.

Graphically, this game has served some neat puzzle design and a nice, minimalist look
But, the game may focus a little too much on execution, making things so frustrating to solve

In conclusion, Crooked Path has successfully delivered a beautiful puzzle game that will arouse the players to get some solutions in every single level


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