Review of Cosmonautica as A Spaceship Management Game

Chasing Carrots has launched Cosmonautica on the apple store in which this game seemed to be available on PC version before it went to mobile platforms

cosmonautica walkthrough ios android

This game will take you to play as a space captain, where you will manage a crew, and run a successful operation.

Later on, it is all about to get money that will be useful to reinvest into your spaceship for exploring across galaxy.

On the other side, this game Cosmonautica is still great to play with.
Since it comes along with humor and variety, you will easily sink into it for few hours.

Along the game, you will lean create your spaceship then lean towards preferring certain crew members or decide to take a more pacifist route through trading frequently rather than fighting with the other ships.

However, the tutorial is wordy and a little vague at times, which seems to be far from pick up and play.

Besides, Cosmonautica’s UI seems not to be optimized for mobile platforms, in which it is pretty awkward to tap on things at once.

Every time, you travel between planets, you will merely sit back and wait to get there that will need more time.

Anyway, this game comes along with great graphics that will amaze when you explore every area in thsi game


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