Review of Cosmic Crown as Turn Based Puzzle Game by Albert Lai

Cosmic Crown is a turn based puzzle game where it is a rogue-like evoking Hoplite
All you will have to do in this game is to move forward and backward, with traps, enemies, and slowly-opening doors.

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Anything you do in this game is caused by the dash and disrupt abilities.
The dash will be a handy way to bypass traps and skip past the sentinels, but it has a short recharge time to deal with.
Disrupting will be the way you can count on, but it has a long recharge time
Also, it can lead to being trapped if you are not careful.
You can wait for this, but things like the sentinels, and forced-movement arrow tiles will be a threat.

Playing this game will need careful consideration, as you will meet many dangers along the path.
Anyway, this game is pretty simple to play with, whereby there is only six things to do at any given time: go forward, go backward, wait, dash forward, dash backward, use disrupt.

For further, your strategy will also require upgrade choices.
Here, just go for the enhancements to dashing and disrupting
Having the dash recharge after a disrupt will be useful, especially when you want to try avoiding the sentinels.
In the mean time, you are able to find the purified crowns which give you a scoring bonus that comes to high scores and more points as well.

On the other side, this game is a wonderful mobile game, in that it is also very accessible, especially with the three lives, yet very challenging.

However, the controls of this game are not perfect, since the game has been built around one-handed play, but it requires switching between lefty and righty support, as the action buttons are on one side, and menu buttons on the other.

Meanwhile, the current mode just feels like a compromise in which it is not awful, and the dark crowns will provide random drawbacks

In addition, the interface here seems to be a bit out of place with the pixel art of the game.
Recently, this is just jarring as the text and interface elements which are all clean and smooth.
And, pixel art is generally easier to create, so that some pixel text and buttons have to be presented in this game.


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