Review of Compass Point West

Next Game Oy presents Compass Point West to ios users recently
This game is a town builder genre where you will have to grow and protect a brand spankin’ new western town on the edge of the frontier as some foes will come for your oil and power know no bounds.

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Anyway, this game seems to be in similar to those “build a town, defense the town, and use characters to attack others for resources.

Aside from the wild west theme, the underlying structure and pacing is also a bit different.
The battle system here will get you to see and learn how attacking units are handled.
At this point, your sidekicks can be used over and over again so long as they do not get wounded.
And if they do get wounded, they can heal up at the Medicine Wagon.

Sidekicks also are not produced at something like a barracks
But, they are rather drawn from a small hand of cards at the saloon.

At first, you will be given with a basic pack that will give you two separate draws of three cards
In this pack, you can pick one from each set in that one draw will give you two cards.
On the other side, you can combine both sidekicks and workers create more powerful cards.

Moreover, you can also combine characters into stronger characters, a relatively decent rate of resource acquisition
Besides, you will also be given with free card pack draws every two hours along with rewards.

Compass Point: West can also be categorized into fairly typical town builder fare until you zoom in on a building and realize that the environments are actually in 3D formats.

You will also see that the animations on the characters are still fairly simplistic
And, the buildings and stuff all are unique to look at.
In addition, Compass Point: West has offered a free to play game that will get you to play for fun.


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