Review of Combo Quest as An Epic RPG Adventure Game

Tapinator has presented Combo Quest in an epic with time tap role-playing adventure, where you will play as a knight on a heroic quest to get back your elusive Combo Crown taken by a mischievous dragon.

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Here, you will go along your journey and fight against vicious enemies such as beasts and the troublesome dragon as well as gaining all sorts of mystical help

As heroic knight, you will be equipped with stats and equipments such as physical damage, health, combo damage and potions

Physical Damage will deliver more damage to your enemies
Maximum Health will boost your Life or HP
Combo Damage can increase the damage multiplier which is dealt from your ultra combo attack
Magical Potions will be used to beat the Iron Knight in the battlefield

In this game, there is no world to explore, no items to craft and just save for health potions then battle with enemies along your journey.

On the other words, all you will do here is to be the Combo King and fight enemy after enemy in order to make it true.

Graphically, this game comes with simple retro graphics reinforce, and the driving, heroic battle music amplifies the rapid pace.

Later on, you will go for fighting against enemies, where you block appearing on a line at the bottom of the screen while a marker goes back and forth across you.
You will merely tap the screen once the marker is on a block, and based on its size and color you will attack, defend, or use a special ability.
Anyway, clearing lots of blocks on a single pass will charge and activate powerful combos
However, tapping mindlessly on nothing or cautiously missing too many blocks will provide enemies ample time to strike back.

Meanwhile, you will be astonished at how much better you will be at the erratic timing, in which theoretically, you will be skilled enough to take down the toughest opponent with even the wimpiest sword.

But every action here is constantly performed in the same basic way, in that it makes fighting enemies always feel the same.

You can also beat the boss by delivering the number of hit points to whittle away.
Also, you are able to make each run feel unique by experimenting with upgrades.
After each encounter, you are able to increase a stat such as health, minimum strength, or maximum damage that will be helpful to beat some enemies at once.

On the other side, selecting different bonuses at different times will get the game to its real variety.
In addition, it seems that this game does not adapt its battle system in an otherwise straightforward RPG, that you will see how dynamic and cool it is if it adapts that rpg battle system.


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