Review of Combo Queen as Action Hybrid RPG

Tap My Game has just introduced Combo Queen as the newest debut game in which this game is a fast-paced hack and slash action RPG hybrid runner.

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In this game, you will find some features of a unique combo and parry system which includes precise timing and reaction based gameplay.

Along the game, you will have to plow through as many monsters as possible while completing numerous challenges.
In the mean time, you will also level up, learn new combo sets, and unlock a variety of powerful equipment for your Queen

Anyway, this game uses aging retro-philes which makes the entire game a delight, which is a little surprising, since the gameplay is actually a bit of a chore.

This game seems to be a hack ā€˜nā€™ slash with some furious button mashing and a flurry of exchanged blows when you come to fight against an enemy.

Throughout the game, the eponymous Queen sprints across the gorgeous, pixelated landscape until an enemy of some manner blocks her way.
This is when the fight occurs, and the mechanics of battle work much like quick time events in console titles, only with a single button rather than having to correctly hit one of four, or eight or more on a joypad.

When battling with enemies, you must tap the right-hand side of the screen at the precise moment it shrinks to target enemies.
At the same time, you must make your own defense, only this time a plus sign flies in from the right side of the screen for you to tap as it reaches your queen.

If you can deliver successful hits you can chain together, that will come to more effective for your attack so that your opponent will have the less time to fight back.

However, the reticles speed up and slow down very rapidly, whereby you have to do extremely well if even three blows land in a row.

Here, you have no control over movement and your queen just keeps sprinting from fight to fight. Furthermore, you must collect up XP and other items if you can keep moving long enough, which allows you to level up your character and build on her abilities.

Entirely, with better balancing of its fighting mechanics, this game would be a superb arcade-based distraction, but its frustration levels are a little too high to make it play on mobile.


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