Review of Cloud Critters as An Arcade Game

Shedworks Interactive has just launched an endless arcade game with simple one touch controls that is wrapped in one package, Cloud Critters made for ios devices

cloud critters walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is to tap to jump around the screen while a longer tap will get you to have a higher jump.

One tap will make you go in one direction, and the other tap will make you go the other way.
When doing so, you will not be able to affect direction any other way

Therefore, you should plan your jumps carefully since they will only dictate where you are going.
Do not touch a cloud, a plane and a rocket, or you die in a level.

The main point to play this game is to jump and get high score then grab some coins along the way to unlock new characters

On the other side, the mission based structure gives you simple objectives to work towards when you will get to perform a long jump or collect a certain amount of coins.

besides, you will also have to accomplish few objectives to get a new character.
Later on, you will have to try grabbing 5 coins then rack up combos for collecting a bunch of coins on the board.

In related to the control options, this game has served the right control scheme
You can feel this when you gradually pick up how your taps can change everything and how to react to a certain situation.
So, it will be a kind of a puzzle game with arcade mechanic


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