Review of Circle Frenzy as A Jumping Game with Points to Reach

PagodaWest Games has launched a jumping game, called Circle Frenzy where you will simply touch the screen to jump your character onto objects and touch again to jump over objects.
In the mean time, you will be assigned to gain extra points by staying on each world as long as you can

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On the other words, this game is a simple platformer game with a less than simple challenge
You will guide a character to run around a planet while jumping over obstacles until a new planet appears that you can jump to, as well as trying to rack up the points you have earned in the process.

You will have to conquer the challenge coming from that careful navigation of obstacles, in which you have to jump to the next planet until the moment appears
Or, you can try to go around your current circle one more time for having a huge score boost
To do your action, be sure not to miss once a new planet appears
At the same time, you can only do one more lap before the ground underneath you explodes into nothingness.

Anyway, the controls are one-touch simple and they do not need any additional thought or finesse.
Seemingly, this is not a game where you can control your jump’s height or length the longer you hold the screen
Every jump here is the same mechanically which needs to master.

On the other side, the presentation here has been made in colorful, cheery, and smile-inducing.
This game also comes along with some lost SEGA masterpiece.
And, the soundtrack is pretty nice to listen while playing Circle Frenzy on the go.

Entirely, this is not the most complicated or profound game for ios device
If you are searching for a game to fill your leisure, you can try downloading and playing Circle Frenzy.
And, you will want that early start to dominate your Friends leaderboard with your high score.


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