Review of Chrono Space as A Tower Defense Game

Super2Games has launched their fresh game called Chrono Space where you will have to defend your space against some alien attackers that you can do only on the ios devices

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Along the game, you will build new towers or produce some explosive new add-on components for your existing towers then customize them by upgrading, unlocking devastating abilities, and change the look of each individual tower based on the mixture of built in components

In the mean time, you will also have to focus on building, stockpile resources, and place towers to construct the ultimate defense

During in the battle, some space enemies can get closer from any direction and they will stop to attack your towers, so that you can anticipate their next move and protect your tower

When performing your shooting action, you will have to defend your tower and constantly make towers while upgrading them

To create a tower, you will simply drag and place it to the most beneficial spot.
After they are placed, you can then produce upgrades and attach them to your defenses to have some extra boosts.

When you are about to upgrade them you will take a basic, stock tower and mix and match upgrades to as you like

And, multiple defense tweaks will make them super hearty while several explosive shot enhancements will result in some massive damage to any incoming enemies.

So, making, placing and protecting your towers will be the main point of this game
Your skill will really be tested when you have to defend your tower

In addition, this game has delivered a great graphics when it is played on the mobile
Anyway, playing this game still gives you a pleasure especially when you have to defend all of your towers with any mean necessary


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