Review of Chesh as A Skilled Chess Game

As you may have known that Chess is an ancient game, which will really need tricks and strategy to make a move to beat your opponent on the board.

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Chesh from Damian Sommer is a chess game related to skill, strategy, luck, that you can play on the ios device recently

To play any chess game, you will have over a millennium of strategy in your mind and you may move fast while considering your next moves

Chesh here will feature more than 533 different chesh pieces from over 30 artists where you can play in three different game modes namely Bullet Chesh, Infinite Chesh, Blitz Chesh

This is all about adjustable board size and number of pieces to set your own level of challenge and you mus try to memorize your movement patterns.

To play this game, just tap a piece to move it and there is no going back after making any move on the board.

However, Chesh here will present King and Queen pieces to do more damage to your opponent’s life bar compared to the rest of your pawns
In line with this, anything you move will determine your winning chance

In this game, you will get a bunch of different adjustments to make to the playing field.
You can also play this game online and local against AI multiplayer

On the other side, you can also challenge yourself with a smaller or larger board with more or fewer lines of game pieces.
When playing in the online multiplayer, you can match with other live players to show who will be the master of this game.

In conclusion, this game, Chesh can deliver a sweet and rare blend of strategy when you play it on the phone.
It is just for fun to play this game with a little bit of trick and strategy


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