Review of Checkpoint Champion by Protostar

Protostar has presented a bite-sized drifting game within Checkpoint Champion game where you will go through a bunch of challenges that take mere seconds to complete.

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In this game, all you will have to do is to put your driving skills to the ultimate test in a series of fiendish 10-second challenges
To do that action, you will require technique and tenacity as you will hit and weave through checkpoints on road, dirt, water, grass and mud in which only the most dedicated drivers can get the triumph
In line with this, you will also be able to select between grip and speed as you will drift between obstacles, as well as spinning around hairpin turns and speeding up your turbo to victory.

After playing this game for few minutes, you are tied into following a strict path of events, but you will have unlocked the event of the day, along with the randomized arena challenges
Here, you will be on your way to unlocking new cars as well.

Along the game, all you will need to do is merely to tap on either side of the screen to dictate direction, while accelerating your car is automatic.
Later on, you will drift a lot to negotiate various corners.
On the other side, you are pursuing various checkpoints before heading towards the finish line.
At this point, time limits are tight but it is rarely unfairly so.
You can press a restart button if you really mess up to drift in some tough tracks.

Anyway, this game will get you to reach high scores and there is always that urge to beat them, especially when it comes to the event of the day.
For further, unlocking new cars also works in motivating you, as they will make quite the difference in the long run.

In accordance with this all about, this game seems to be simple to play in short bursts where you are able to gain something in few minutes of gameplay.
Moreover, this game is also the ideal game to see expanded in the future, in which it is coming along with its three-star system.


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