Review of Cavernaut as A Classic Arcade Game

Cavernaut developed by Jan Schoenepauck can be said as an old school arcade game that you can play on the ios platform mainly

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Here, you will be a pilot guiding your spaceship to go through a maze of caves on an alien planet.
There, you will be assigned to reach the surface, while gathering up luminum crystals that will be used to upgrade your ships

When exploring each area in the game, be sure to watch out for hazards such as mines or laser batteries
Next, always check your fuel tank then use your crystals to purchase a bigger fuel tank for your ship.
You can also get reinforced hull armor, better shields for your ships

On the other side, you can also search and find alien relics scattered throughout the caves.
Be sure to collect them for your collection of precious artifacts.

Later on, when exploring many different caves, you will see that the layout of the cave will change around
In line with this, you will sometimes go for an easy path upwards for a little while.
And, you may start turning sideways down windy passageways before going there.

To guide your ship, you will use controls by tilting the screen and holding the button
With these controls, you will have to avoid the cavern walls along the caves
Be sure to carefully land on when the refueling bar gets low.

Anyway, playing this game will get you to use your reflexes and this game has presented a great graphics suitable for mobile devices


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