Review of Card Dungeon by Playtap Games

The newest game form playtap games llc can be categorized into the roguelike genre with Western fantasy imagery and turn-based dungeon exploration along with two-dimensional art and cards.

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Here, you will play as Crusader, in which you have to free the lands from the hordes of the Nethermist in this turn based strategy rogue.

On the other side, this game is a completely unique and handcrafted board, card or rogue-like game experience where you will be brought to enough depth and strategy to play after multiple hours.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given with three cards.
Those cards will provide you some function such as attacks, defense, health, magic, summoning and much more.

Furthermore, you can attack or move, but you can only use one for each turn.
You can combine them with your movement spaces, and use it to tackle enemies.

As you eliminate monsters that lurk in the darkness, you will be able to open chests and collect loot, and find your way through the dungeon
Plus, you will also be able to collect additional cards.

Then, when you beat a monster or opens a chest, you will automatically reveal a new card.
Afterward, you must decide if you want to keep your current card or switch it to the new one.

Later on, this game will allow you to select from a handful of cards for how your character will perform.

After choosing them, you can then select a campaign from a wide selection of areas as the adventure begins.

For initial move, the game and the tutorial mode are one in the same as you make your way through your first dungeon floor, while tapping on tile after tile to go through.

You simply tap on a directional tile on the dungeon floor to navigate, then choose cards from the bottom of the screen in order to play different actions.

Again, you will just tap tapping around to get a feel for what happens
But, it will be difficult enough to master unless you truly pay attention to the varieties of cards you can use for equipment, defense, attacks, etc.

Anyway, playing on an iPhone or other small screen will not be optimal.
Sometimes, play in small screen will result in tiny text, small play areas, and teeny tiny cramped dialogue boxes that make navigating and equipping items quite frustrating.
Switching the camera and maneuvering is great enough.

In conclusion, this new game from playtap is an interesting game that will take you on what could have been just another boring dungeon crawler, with a fantastic premise, addictive gameplay, and gorgeous visuals as well.
Thus, if you want to start with the realm of roguelikes, this game could be worth one to play with.


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