Review of Campgrounds The Endorus Expedition

Campgrounds The Endorus Expedition game is all about surviving game on the mobile platforms where you will create your own civilization on the go.

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This game will tells you to guide or help Addie and a group of explorers set out to retrace the steps the ancient peoples happening a long time ago.

Inline with this, you will need to discover a long lost civilization with some tents.
These tents functions as a vaguely Build-a-lot style formula giving you empty plots of land, gold and resources to manage, and a handful of goals to accomplish.

In other words, tents are the basics formula for your camp
On the other side, you will also need to pop some foes to get more income.
Here, your explorers will need gold to do activities along the way

You will need gold to upgrades your ordinary buildings into better-than-ordinary houses.
So, you will need gold to upgrade buildings and tents
It is caused by upgrading tents will earn you a lot of cash to create resource-generating buildings.

Later on, you will need to build a factory and purchase supplies
Also, you will need to build greenhouses and create seeds to plant gardens
Because of this, you can raise your eco point score to accomplish level goals.

This game seems to adapt an extremely basic resource management formula where you will need to create buildings and manage a few resources
To stable your work, you will need a decent income to persevere through just about any situation.

In order to build buildings, you will need resources such as oak trees, which can be harvested for a big seed bonus at the expense of a chunk of eco points.
Besides, you need the axe to build buildings
Thus, this game will keep you engaged to build and manage resources to survive in the game


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