Review of Bust A Move Islands Lets You Solve Puzzle for Ruby

Similar to Candy Crush Soda Saga developed by King, gumi Inc has also presented Bust-A-Move Islands, which is a kind of the classic match-3 puzzle adventure designed specifically for ios and android

bust a move islands walkthrough ios android

Playing in this classic arcade game will bring you to join Bub and Bob, the lovable dragons then help them bubble burst their way through bright and beautiful fantasy islands

Along the game, you will have to explore and solve more than 200 puzzles, then you will pop your way to find a cure for the evil warlock’s spell that has turned Bub and Bob into Dragons

You will have to clear all the bubbles in some levels, while you will sometimes get away with clearing them in an obvious manner.
In this game, some of the bubbles are arranged in a way that means you can cut off a bunch of them by planning ahead.

On the other side, the other levels invoke a time limit, while the rest of them will provide you an objective relating to rescuing some of Bub and Bob’s friends.
And, you will encounter obstacles that will arise in the form of things such as bubbles that subtract a number of moves if you clear them
In line with this, you have to plan around dropping them rather than popping them.

Bust-A-Move Islands also features currency in-app purchases, though.
Here, you will be restricted to a set number of lives, in which you can only play for so long before having to wait.

Later on, you will also be served with some power-ups that can make all the difference but they frequently require the use of a premium currency but you can also get those power up in-game.

In addition, playing this game will entertain you as you will often meet an entertaining enough bubble-popping on the screen

Anyway, Bust-A-Move Islands is pretty fun to play with in your leisure and it will satisfy you if you can blast more bubbles at the same time.


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