Review of Bullet Boy by Pomelo Games

Bullet Boy can be categorized into a fast and fun platformer set in a floating world when you can play as bullet boy traveling across hazardous levels to collect statue pieces.

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Along the game, your hero can shuttle between cannons without getting hurt, while the tornado is chasing behind you.

Your main goal here is to guide Bullet Boy through cannons to reach the end of a level.
To help him, all you will have to do is simply to tap to shoot.

At first, you will be introduced with different cannon types.
The red cannons can spin or swing
The yellow cannons requires to be rotated manually that you can do by tapping and holding
The blue one is the best as this will give you a brief automatic ride but sometimes it will shake its head left-right towards two directions.
Here, their positions will be trickier with progression.
For such reasons, you will still meet your waterloo in cannons instead of new obstacles after getting mastery on them through levels of practice.

On the other side, this game prepares a variety of barriers for every level where you need to get through wind turbines and fan blades at different spinning speed
Moreover, you will also get through weird machines and device of instant destruction, and narrow paths replete with obstacles and explosives.

In order to pass through them all, you will need rhythmical tapping plus timing as well.
Meanwhile, flying fatty birds will be easier to avoid but the chance of collision will sometimes come up, especially when the tornado is getting closer.
And, if you do not move for a while, while waiting for the timing, the tornado will swirl behind that get you to go rash moves.

Every level of this game will always challenge you and it currently only offers about 30 levels.
But some game challenges design will keep you busy for a while before you move for more.

In a repetitive effort to complete a level, you will encounter several different runs in the same level.
At certain levels, you will be able to unlock three power-up gears for your heroes.
Throughout the game, you can purchase them before a game with coins that you can gather by playing in some level

In addition, you will be able to get special abilities like piercing barriers and you can slow down the fast-moving machines.

In line with this, this game is free to play, and it does not feature the obtrusive ads or annoying timer during the game.
This game monetizes mainly via the Hearts that allow you to pick up where you fail in a level.
Therefore, you can play this game completely for free.


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