Review of Brothers in Arms 3 Sons of War iPhone

Gameloft as the developer of the Brothers in Arms franchise has continued to launch its newest series, Brothers in Arms 3 Sons of War in which this game is still set during the Second World War

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As seen in the game trailer, this game is a kind of a third-person shooter, with quick missions that have you gunning your way through a pack of German soldiers.
Here, you will about get into cover, so you will spend a lot of time hunkered down behind some sandbags, taking pop-shots at dudes named Franz and Hans.

This game has tried to apply a cover system where you can hunch down behind anything that is waist-high.
To do this, you simply run up to a highlighted object and your soldier will hug right up to it
At the same time, you can tap the gun button to fire off a few bullets before safely ducking back behind the barrier.

However, if you keep shooting too long, you will draw the attention of the Germans and take some hits form them.
And, if you can shoot and kill the last German soldier, the slow-motion kill effect is pretty awesome.

To get from cover to cover will be flanked, as you are nearly impossible to move the camera, and easily control the soldier to the nearest piece of cover.

In related to the controls system, a joystick in the bottom left controls the forward-backward-left-right movement of the soldier, you can use the right thumb to shoot enemies.

You can also move the aiming reticle around to line up a shot, that you can do by taking the left thumb off the movement controller and pressing-and-sliding anywhere else on the screen.
Occasionally, the movement controller will activate instead of the aiming controller, and your soldier will stand up and start walking away from cover.

In order to get additional weapons, you can purchase knives, that will instantly kill enemy soldiers, bazooka rockets for one-shot-kill use against tanks and flamethrower to fire off the enemies or to clear area in the battlefield.

You can also pay for grenades and health packs and Molotov cocktails, respawns, energy, weapons, upgrades and abilities, bonus XP, extra events, ‘flamethrower access’, and even the ability to heal your soldiers.

You can also purchase some medals that can be used to get some guns, consumable items like grenades and bazookas, limited time VIP packs, item bundles, and a quick respawn when you die mid-mission, or to expedite wait timers.
Also, those medals can be used instead of the soft currency to upgrade guns and brothers.

Entirely, Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is delivering stunning graphics and action wrapped in one pack
But there are basic issues such as sluggish movement, forced upgrades, and lack of an interesting story backbone which is apart from: just another mediocre WWII shooter.


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