Review of Briquid Mini as Mobile Puzzle Game by Gamious

Looking at puzzle games on ios will get you confused if you try them one by one
Anyway, if you are big fan of Briquid‘s brand of liquid-shifting physics puzzles, try Briquid Mini.

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Form the preview of Briquid Mini, this game will get you to transfer water for one to another location on your phone screen

On the other side, this game is less a full sequel and more a remixed version of last year’s game.
This puzzles game revolve around where you have to collect pools of water in specific locations on a grid.
Here, you will have a few tools at your disposal and most solutions require proper use of all of them.
In order to play this game, all you will have to do is to remove bricks from the grid, allowing trapped water to flow freely.
You can also add bricks to the grid, so that it directs water toward certain spots and keep it there. And you can change gravity to manipulate the water’s movement even more.

Furthermore, most puzzles have hard move limits to keep you smart with your planning instead of overwhelmed by your options.
During the play, you can undone only one previous move, so turn off motion gravity control to prevent wasted changes.

At this point, levels will just hand you upwards of 60 moves and task you with solving a large, complex puzzle.
In line with this, you might have to build intricate staircases or devise a system of alternating brick cages and gravity shifts to micromanage pools.
Once beating one level, you will be able to unlock new levels based on total amount of water saved instead of full completions of individual levels.

In conclusion, this game is kind of a plain looking game with its modest art style.
So, just try this game to test your brain to move that water to another place.


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