Review of Bridge Constructor Stunts

Bridge Constructor Stunts for ios and android from Headup Games has combined the driving physics puzzling games where you will construct your own sets of ramps and bridges to pick up collectibles and trying to reach the finish before your vehicle explodes there.

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Early on the game, you will start with some simple tasks such as constructing a bridge which can sustain the weight of a truck or building a simple ramp to clear one gap.

You will do all of that thing with only enough material to stay under each level’s preset budget
In line with this, you will build your straightforward constructions, switch to the game’s driving mode, and guide the truck to get the finish line in one piece.

Later on, the things will get hard after you have completed the first couple levels
For later levels, you will have to build sets of ramps to avoid falling down pits or hitting exploding barrels
In the mean time, you will also be asked to pick up stars, screws, or other collectibles as the part of the passing objectives.

Once you have completed each level, you may sometimes get more things introduced, like no construction zones, different construction materials, and even new vehicles

Also, you will have the ability to drive vehicles yourself
Well, playing this game for a while will feel more like a sandbox than a puzzle game

You will experience that chemistry of satisfying when hitting the throttle at the right time or landing on the next platform which can transform an attempt from absolute disaster to smashing success without changing a single piece of construction.

On the other side, there are a lot of different ways to solve problems in the game
Here, you must consider the game play between the physics model, the driving, and the construction aspects to leap put your vehicle form one platform to another.

Anyway, this game will also allow you to use a replay system where you can use as a sort of guide when stuck in a level.

Meanwhile, the levels in the game will get you to finish them instead of providing and expertly tuned track
Sometimes, you may get the construction and structures to react in unpredictable ways.
This circumstance will broaden your sense to solve the construction and material to sustain each vehicle to go through in one piece


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