Review of Boogey Boy by Goon Studios

Boogey Boy made by Goon Studios is a kind of a 3D side-scrolling runner game where you will have to escape the boogeyman in that you must also collect batteries to activate your flashlight.

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Seemingly, the game’s presentation seems to be more remarkable features, which you can traverse a variety of stages featuring some colorful landscapes that you encounter in your dreams.

On the other side, in several other games, the main character of Boogey Boy will be running through the five different stages automatically
At the same time, you must jump to avoid obstacles and gain the three batteries needed to power up your flashlight and escape from the terrible boogeyman.

Furthermore, you will also be assigned to collect stars during the stages that will also boost the score multiplayer.

However, the main issue arises as this game seems to be a bit of repetitive
Sometimes, you need few moments to complete the five stages that will get you to a little incentive in replaying them

In order to beat the monsters of the night you can use five different power-ups that you can use to change the way you play
Besides, activating special power ups will help the boy escape from the terrors of the night.

Meanwhile, this game offers story and arcade mode in which if you play in story mode, you will have to escape and beat the boogeyman.
And, if you play in arcade mode, you can go for the high score.

Graphically, this game is made with vibrant and colorful 3D stages that will make your way through five wild, whimsical stages.

In addition, the basics of the experience can be said as solid and the Game Center leaderboards really provides some incentive in playing the endless Arcade Mode.


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