Review of BMO Snaps Adventure Time Photo Game

Turner Broadcasting System has launched BMO Snaps as a photo game which you can enjoy on the ios platform recently.

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In this game, you will merely use camera to snap pics of your favorite Adventure Time peeps such as Buffy Baby Finn, Simon & Marcy, LSP, Young Billy, Cosmic Owl, the Vampire King and more.

Also, you will have to gather up holograms by defeating historical homies, cosmic peeps, mega dweebs, and hologram doubles to unlock new entries in Princess Bubblegum’s Holopedia.

To play this game, you will use the iPhone’s gyroscope to move the camera around
Or, you can swipe around on screen to change direction.

You can try to tap on the camera button to snap a photo, in which you can do it when the reticule is hoovering over a hologram.

Along the game, every hologram will need multiple snaps, and you will reload your camera from time to time to get the best shot

Sometimes, the holograms may fight back, such as throwing a pie at you and blocking your vision until you wipe it away with your finger
And, it may be attacking you in a more traditional method.
For such reasons, you can try to line up shots effectively.

Later on, you will come across boss battles, where you will need more snaps to beat them
Each time, you snap a hologram or make accruing combos, you will get coins
These coins will be useful to boost your abilities.

On the other side, you can also recruit new characters such as Finn and Jake to perform a special move to help you out.

In later levels, you can improve upon your reloading times or the amount of shots you can take before needing to reload.

In addition, this game, BMO Snaps is simple to learn, but it is trickier to master
Similar to any good photo shoot games out there, perfection is tricky to capture like in the game as well.


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