Review of Blocky Highway All About A Traffic and Racing Game

Blocky Highway from Dogbyte Games Kft will mainly focus on a racing traffic, avoiding trains, collecting coins to unlock new vehicles cars such as Dragster, Tank, Doggy Van, Police car, Cyrano, Steam Roller and Speeder

blocky highway walkthrough ios android

Recently, you will be able to play this game on the ios platform
So, just rev up the engine and drive at full speed to get big score and be the first place that will earn you a bunch of coins and open prize boxes to get new cars

In this package, this game is made with the smooth controls and colorful scenery environments that will increase the game play experience in its endless driving action.

To play this game, you can freely select the control options such as tilt steering or touch controls, which will respond perfectly for both of them.

You will then be brought to play in an easy, hard and free mode
In easy mode, the traffic will go in one direction
And, when you play in a hard mode, the traffic will go from both directions
If you have mastered the previous mode, you can try your skill playing in a free drive, where you can zip down the lane without danger.

Graphically, this game is built in retro pixel but it has served a bright graphics to play and it has tight controls and adjustable difficulty levels which are suitable for players of all ages and skill levels

Here, you can get new cars with coins in the game, and once you have got 100 coins, you can draw for a new machine.

Besides, you will also be assigned to rack up a high score, that you can do by going through reckless driving on the road

If you can swap paint with another vehicle at high speeds, you will get points
Later on, you can also get big points after you crash, where your car during crash time will bounce off the roofs of nearby cars.


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