Review of BlitzKeep as Pinball RPG Challenges You to Gain High Score

BlitzKeep is a kind of a combination of an RPG and pinball, where you will guide and lead your hero to where you want him to attack automatically the enemies until he reaches a safe zone

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To increase your power, you can pick up and kill weak enemies first so that you can level up enough to kill a massive boss.

In this game, you take a role as an intrepid hero descended from a long line of heroes
Here, the story begins when your homeland was taken from you and your kin by the evil Blitz Mage, who used his villainous powers to curse the entire island
The curse says that whoever stands still while in darkness will turn into a monster themselves.
In line with this, you seem not to have choice but you have to keep running

Along the game you will explore through 10 kingdoms on your way to the Blitz Keep, where the Blitz Mage resides there.
Every kingdom you explore will have a king that has been transformed into a huge boss monster that you have to beat to move on to the next land.

You can beat the enemies by flinging him around each screen full of enemies.
Every time he hits one, he takes them out assuming that his power bar is superior to theirs
Then, your hero continues to bounce around until he either reaches the next screen or hits a glowing area that will cause him to stop and take stock of his situation.

You will see that some enemies are stronger than others, and you have to learn what to aim for as you go along.
Boss battles are often quite easy, and you should be ridiculously overpowered by the time you come across them anyway.

On the other side, you will be able to collect power-ups, as well as special attacks, but you can still only go so far in terms of feeling in control.
Also, a restrictive timer along the game will keep you on your toes, but it also detracts from enabling you to plan carefully.
In addition, BlitzKeep is fun to play and it is entertaining as well.


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