Review of Blendoku 2 A Puzzle Colors Game to Solve

Blendoku 2 from Lonely Few LLC is a unique game about colors and puzzle which you can play on the ios and android devices at this moment

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In other words, this game is all about the palettes and layouts which are designed and crafted to test your color skills.

And, this game truly uses colors, which will get you to craft a challenging and rewarding puzzle experience with a colors.

In this package, you will be served with new puzzle types, multiplayer, a new painting mode, the ability to zoom in and zoom out, themes, a new unlock system, and more features built in.

To play this game, all you will do is to move tiles of solid color into a hue or shade-based spectrum, where it will lead logically from one color to another.

At this point, every tile must share part of its color composition with any tile to which it is adjacent.

Early on, it is a simple mechanic to play but you will be challenged once you advance beyond the simple light green to dark green puzzle
Here, you will play with colors from magenta to chartreuse to navy blue with only some tan and yellow tiles needs some mental gymnastics.

Besides, this game also features keyless or decoy levels, where there are no locked tiles there
At this level, you must assemble the entire board with no direction.

Playing in decoy levels will get you to play with more tiles than slots available
Plus, these levels offer some variety from the standard levels.

On the other side, you will also see the other small improvements which is the elimination of the distracting grid lines coming up when moving tiles
And, an option to lock tiles in place while you move others around is also improved to be played on very complex boards or very small screens comfortably.

You can also change the hue of a board in colorblind mode; where you will see all of the colors change, but it still maintains the same chromatic relationship to one another.

In this new version of Blendoku game series, you will get big features such as a painting gallery where you create a spectrum of colors based on the key pigments used in famous paintings.
According to this, individual paintings are all framed and hanging on your in-game wall, once you can complete levels.

Meanwhile, you can play this game online with your friends in turn-based multiplayer mode.
In this mode, you can put two colors onto a gameboard and wait for your rival to play their colors
Then, whoever gets the most points on the board, he or she becomes the winner

Sometimes, when you are in multiplayer, you will realize that the numbers in the empty slots are actually the value of that slot, in which you will get to place your pieces in the right way.

In addition, this game is free to download, where you will also be allowed to play with 500 free levels plus multiplayer
Again, playing this game is so much fantastic entertainment which you can enjoy during your holiday season at this time


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