Review of bit Dungeon 2 as Action Adventure Game

A fast action-adventure game, bit Dungeon II has been coming to ios
In this game, you will fight through some corrupted lands, and you must also bring peace to your soul.

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Early on, you start each game as a lowly weakling with only a bit of money and stats
Then, once beating some enemies, you will find yourself quickly becoming a formidable opponent.

To play this game, you will simply use simple tap controls to control your warrior, then you can charge attacks and other abilities this way as well.

After playing for a while, you will get one soul, and only once chance to retrieve it when you die in each stage
You can go back and get back your soul when it is left behind, then the game will reset to level 1 again.

Along the game, you will be equipped with each weapon type with a unique power attack including ranged, and magic weapons to beat one dungeon to another.

Later on, you will level up based on which weapon you use then gather up random items that will be useful to battle with tough dungeon bosses.

However, this game is terribly confusing in several aspects, and it will be very hard to know where you are at any given time.

You will also get no clear markers as to where you will move next
Anyway, you should find yourself wandering to random places that you are not ready for and dying over and over.
Also, you will often find a few gamebreaking bugs, which make playing extremely frustrating already.

In addition, this game has a few interesting ideas, but there are a ton of inconsistencies throughout that should be attended to, and it can be categorized into the two-star review mark.


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