Review of Bike Rivals by Miniclip

If you take a look at itunes or google play now, you will find a lot of physics-heavy motorcycle racing games there

bike rivals guides gameplay

This time, miniclip game developer has launched their newest game entitled Bike Rivals which is made in good old-fashioned quality level design.

In a glance, this game doe not look too hot as this is made in 2D illustrated visuals.
On the other side, this game features nearly impressive 100 stages along with the repeating themes across different areas like fire and ice worlds.

The style in this game is too subdued to be arcade fantasy
Then, you will be served with the explosions and boosts which are just crazy enough to be implausible.

Here, you will be able to barely get through a handful of levels before you are forced to wait for “gas” to refill or pay for it yourself.

Later on, you will be allowed to replay completed levels which drains the meter.
In line with this, this game initially seems pretty standard.

You will simply bike your way through environments, as well as boosting and braking carefully to keep your rider steady and in one piece.

Furthermore, you can do some catchy tricks like wheelies to get nitrous boosts or brake and accelerate simultaneously to do burnout boosts.

Along the game, you will have to be competitive and quickest rider so that you will get the 3 stars on all the levels
So just try your best to beat the clock

Also, this game will provide you simple controls, in which you can tap on the edges of the screen to accelerate and brake

And to lean backwards or forward, you can simply tilt the device as well as giving you an edge in key sections of the levels.

Perform tricks like wheelies, backflips and frontflips to get some nitro boosts, or pick them up throughout the levels
Make sure to use Use them wisely, so that you will get even better race times


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