Review of Beneath The Lighthouse

Nitrome along with Beneath The Lighthouse as their newest game presents a serene puzzle action game that will tell a story about a boy looking for his lost Grandpa.

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Along the game, you will have a journey to go through mysterious mechanical wheels laying beneath the lighthouse

Here, you will guide that boy who is curious of why the Lighthouse your Grandpa occupies does not shine its light for days
And, you will go there to check what is going on with Grandpa.

This game is a kind of puzzle where you will navigate the hazardous mazes trying to reach the exit.
Also, this game includes the music which will give the game an overall mysterious feel when searching for your Grandpa in the lighthouse.

Anyway, your main objective is to get the boy to reach an exit in each stage containing hard segment to solve
You can achieve it by rotating the screen to roll and bounce the boy across the levels
In the mean time, you must try to avoid obstacles with any mean necessary

Along the game, you will get three lives in each stage in which losing three will make you restart the stage from the beginning.

However, the developer still give you a flexibility to get more lives by connecting this game to Facebook or Twitter

In conclusion, this game will offer puzzle to solve when you are about to guide a boy to get the exit in the lighthouse
So, if you are a fan of puzzle game, you may have to play and feel this game on your own


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