Review of BeatDefense as A Unique Rhythm Game

BeatDefense is developed by 16 Escalone Producciones which is like a cross between Missile Command and a rhythm music game
Here, you must stop them missiles which are falling with the power of loud and catchy music

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To stop them those missiles raining down on your city, all you will do is to tap on them.
The timing here will indeed be important to tap on them when they fall into your reticule.

If you time it badly, you entirely miss the shot, and some damage is inflicted to your city.
If you time it at the right time, you will get a perfect score for that particular missile.

As said earlier, this game is related to the rhythm of music that has a catchy beat to it, small sound effects are also offered to indicate just when a missile is coming, in that it will alert you a moment to react accordingly.

Besides, you will also get a help with power-ups which will make this game a kind of entertaining to play with.

However, a critical flaw relates to the in-game adverts.
When playing this game, full screen video ads feature here that will kick in during a session
Sometimes, playing with ads scattered around will make an irritating and it does not actually endear you towards paying $0.99 to remove them.

Anyway, this game has delivered something potential along with retro vibe to it that will make this game a kind of appealing.
In addition, perhaps some tweaks will make this game a little bit a more worthwhile proposition.


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