Review of Beast Bound as A Classic Turn Based RPG

Beast Bound is developed by JB Gaming and it can be said as a turn-based RPG introducing funky monsters to beat, a bunch of loot to collect and more actions to do in your adventure.

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Here, you will take a role as a hunter on the lush island of Manaden, where you have to rid the land of oddlets and beasties through turn-based battles.

Along the game, you will see the colorful art style and bubbly soundtrack made in a charming and distinctly contemporary retro vibe.

All you will do in this game is to tap to move your hero through the land
In the mean time, you will also be assigned to gather up loot from the abundant chests, gift boxes and pathways

Also, you will get involved in the battle of monsters as you will counter them along the way by tapping quickly to attack or defend.

In related to the loot, you will be granted with gold and diamonds, the main currencies of this game
With the gold and items you find, you can craft potions, tools, weapons, and machines in your workshop.

This game seems to be added with the game’s UI that uses some polish in a future update.
However, some buggy areas may appear such as your coin count appeared as a black box, text pop-ups were flipping from side to side, and some items were unresponsive or too responsive when you tap them.

During one battle, you could use a revive potion to continue from where you were
On the other side, you will also see the workshop in fun customization options

You can find easily some resources and loot in great abundance throughout the lands
Moreover, you can receive full energy every time you go back to the workshop.
In order to earn even more coins and treasures, you can simply grind through areas in many times.

In conclusion, this game, Beast Bound can be categorized into a peculiar adventure with odd little monsters, loads of loot, satisfying battles that you can feel and encounter throughout the stages

Plus, you will also be served with a quirky narrative that will keep you foraging and fighting, as a classic RPGs style.


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