Review of Bean Dreams by Kumobius

If you have read the trailer of Bean’s Quest 2: Bean Dreams, it was still in progress but this game has now been available on the Apple Store

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This game is a kind of a colorful platformer where you will have to take a control of a Mexican jumping bean in his quest to conquer his dreams.
This bean jumps automatically, which is part of what makes this a pretty fantastic and manageable mobile platformer for iphone and ipad.

Throughout the game, you will merely control Bean by touching one side of the screen or the other to move in the direction you want.
Every stage in this game is relatively bite-sized, but you will be tested in term of your speed.
Because of this, this makes most levels feel fresh and replayable in which they have been cleared for the first time.

All you will need to do is to backflip off enemies and launch yourself from springs in the Fortune Forest as well as diving and swimming through the aqueducts of the Bath House
Later on, you must also search and find the magic chilli and unleash your full power in the Beach Bazaar

Anyways, you will be considered based on the number of jumps a level you can take, as well as gathering the amount of collectible fruit, and the collection of the elusive Axolotl hidden in each level.
Meanwhile, gathering the coveted golden boot in each stage will get you to hunt carefully for shortcuts, mastering your sense of the game’s arcade physics, and honing the spontaneity necessary to pick the best path on the fly.
And, this game feels like it scratches any gaming itch you could possibly have.

Besides some levels attached herein, this game has a bunch of content to offer in which those offer are divided into worlds with their own unique aesthetics and mechanics.
Actually, this game is the fun game to play ever where you can jump from one world to the next to see what cool, new, retro-inspired environments are waiting.
Moreover, you will be able to bounce on several enemies in a row to earn “free jumps” right before hitting the end-of-level goal screen in a perfect run.

On the other side, some of speed challenges are based on the exact number of jumps, and it needs to execute a level perfectly, and the balance of difficulty when trying to accomplish these challenges is spot on.

However, during the play, you may be bored as you will sometimes replay levels.
Also, completing level challenges rather than simple traversal is gated accordingly.
You cannot simply reach the goal of each level to go to the next.
And, you require a certain number of challenges to be completed before unlocking them.

Besides of negative issues here, Bean Dreams is worth to play through repeating stages and this game is probably a stronger game due to its dedication to making the level challenges both difficult and rewarding system.


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