Review of BattleLore Command by Fantasy Flight Games

BattleLore: Command has brought something new boasting of epic battles, heroic campaigns, and arcane powers in the App Store and it seems to be the most high-fantasy strategy games on mobile.

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Later on, this game is a kind of a turn-based strategy game where you will take turns planning troop movements, as well as maneuvering your troops into battle positions, then ultimately getting involved in the battlefield.
If you can wipe all enemies there, or when the map’s objective is met, you will get your victory.

Throughout the game, you will be assigned to command valiant warriors and vicious demons and guide the noble Daqan army to defend your homeland from the invading hordes of the Uthuk Y’llan that is demon-blooded barbarians.
Thus, you will be brought to sense a suspenseful and challenging tactical combat experience.

Along the game, you can only move a certain number of troops each turn, and you can only select a unit if it falls into a particular lane, in which the battlefield itself is categorized into three lanes.

As an illustration, if you select the 1-2-1 plan, you can move one unit in the left and right lanes, and two units in the middle lane, during that turn.
Once that plan is used, you cannot use it again until you have utilized a refresh ability that will only allow you to move one unit for the entire turn.
And if you put units on the line that divides the lanes, that unit can count as being in either lane.

Every turn in this game is categorized into three phases.
The first phase will get you to select the specified number of troops that you will move in that turn. The second phase will allow you to move the predetermined units around the board.
The third phase is the combat phase, where any unit selected in phase is currently able to attack an enemy in this phase.

Combat in this game is pretty straightforward, where your melee units can attack enemies in adjacent positions, and your ranged units can attack enemies in their attack range.
At this point, you will not be allowed to tap on an enemy unit to read up on its abilities
When an enemy utilizes a Lore-based special ability, you will not still read the ability’s description.

Your unit will have attack power in which there is the same number of chances for events to happen during combat.
In the combat session, the enemies will also be able to gather up lore points more frequently and they can also wield special abilities.

In conclusion, BattleLore: Command is good at bringing a premium strategy game that will get you to experience the flow of epic story in this game
However, there is a few odd design that sometimes makes you confuse
Anyways, that is the part of the game that gives you the experience overall.


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