Review of Battle Supremacy Evolution

Battle Supremacy: Evolution introduces sci-fi sentiments game on mobile
Here, you can switch your vehicle between a tank, drone, or airplane to battle with enemies on the go

battle supremacy evolution walkthrough ios android

Each mission in the game is simply to guard other vehicles to safety, or you may negotiate an area full of enemies.

Graphically, this game is made in the impressive looking visuals
Along the game, you will be served with manual control over a machine gun style weapon, moving the reticule around with one finger

Besides, you can also launch missiles toward enemies vehicles
In the battle, you will also have to dodge enemies and keep moving in any direction

During the game, moving will be a matter of using your right hand to change camera angles
You can also use your left hand to twist and turn to maneuver.

In related to the control options, you can always switch to auto-controls, in which the game will take over movement, and you merely handle weaponry.

Later on, you will go to an upgrade system where you can upgrade your vehicles to be the strongest ones
This game also comes along with the campaign mode offering online multiplayer.
So, if you like playing war game or a fairly fun vehicle shooter on mobile, you may try this game on your phone


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