Review of Battle Slimes Challenges You to Make Score and Earn Coins

Dodreams has delivered its newest game entitled Battle Slimes, that is a kind of a fun local multiplayer game where you take under control of speedy and bouncy slime blobs while competing with friends and family.

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Later on, you will be assigned to make a score that you can do by stomping or hitting rivals with colorful bubbles while trying to avoid getting hit yourself

You will see the slimes like around each other such as, divvy up the smokes, booze, and women slimes, then have pit fights like the kind presented in this game.

This platformer or shooter game features simple one-button jump controls where you can play with the computer AI or play up to four friends in matches.

When a round of Battle Slimes starts, all the registered slimes also start moving on their own.
They will proceed in a straight line until they hit an obstacle or another slime, whereupon they will turn around automatically.

Also, they shoot slime-projectiles automatically while on the run.
Slimes can drop harmlessly off the bottom of the screen, and they rain back down from the top of the screen.

If a slime gets nailed by a projectile, or if they get “stomped” on by a rival slime, they lose a life. You can play with a time limit or with a stock of lives, a la the Super Smash Bros games.

In this game, you can also select from two different game modes and five different battle arenas.
Also, some available power-ups will be await you to accomplish each objective with ease

On the other side, this game will feature currency in form of gold coins that you can get by accomplishing each level
Moreover, you can watch video game slimes exist for the hero to kick around and milk for a few gold coins.

Graphically, this game has come along with sprite-based graphics which are cute and it also brings the 8-bit music

And, the slimes are indeed modeled after the famous Dragon Quest slimes as all slimes should be
Along the game, you will be able to try out multiple battle arenas, each with its own obstacles and pitfalls that will challenge you.

However, the fact Battle Slimes is missing out on a huge opportunity by not introducing online multiplayer game mode where you can smash slimes with live opponents without expecting them to crowd beside you.

Still, the in-game computer will quite be good to play with.
Maybe the developer will include online multiplayer in the next update

Entirely, this game, Battle Slimes is simplistic, and it probably will not keep you entertained for moments.
Alongside, Battle Slimes is still worth a look and play on your mobile though.


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