Review of Battle Academy 2 Eastern Front by Slitherine

Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front is the sequel of Battle Academy which is developed by Slitherine
This game explores the deep and rich World War II-themed strategy game.

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In this game, you will be challenged to pick the best positions for your units to get victory all the way down to deciding which direction each unit should be facing before the end of a turn.

On the other side, this game is a World War II-themed strategy game where you will be able to play out combat scenarios in which you will feel true to the spirit of the tactics and combat of that era.

Throughout the game, you will feel being a commander where you can select cover for units, determine line of sight, and decide between different attack methods.

For further, you are able to expect much of the same gameplay as its predecessor
But, the game does narrows its scope a bit, which cuts down on some of the game’s variety.

Throughout the game, you will see that the depth of combat strategy still persists here
And, the addition of new and different units changes how each scenario can be approached.
You will then be brought to many of the environments like in urban, in which it will give you to more ambush potential than the open deserts and forests of the first game.
You will feel both more streamlined and more complex at the same time when playing this game.

In related to the game controls, they are still pretty complicated on a touch interface, as you will often meet how many commands can be issued at a given time.

Anyway, this game is pretty lacking in the visuals department in that it is incredibly detailed and deep from a mechanical level.

In conclusion, this game is like a lot more Battle Academy with very few changes.
And, you may try this game to follow the next story of the previous one


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