Review of Base Busters by Nexon M

Base Busters is an interesting game from nexon m which is the combination of its mixture of conventional Tower Defense and reverse Tower Defense.

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Playing this game for the first time will bring you in a campaign mode that pits you against various tank forces
On the the other hand, you will be assigned to defend your headquarters from attack by other real players in pvp online mode.

Here, the former involves your tank army traveling automatically through each level, in which you can control what they fire at.
Firing itself is automatic, but you can also tap on an enemy to target that one specifically.
During the play, you are able to activate special weapons, in that each weapon has their own strengths and weaknesses
At the same time, you can use a shield instead to protect you from attack.

In the mean time, you can also speed up your convoy
Anyway, playing in campaign mode is pretty fun with bite sized chunks, lending itself well to mobile gaming.
After going through each level, you will be able to help boost your current tanks or create more via an evolution feature.

For further, you are able to raid other players for fun and profit and they can also do the same to you. For such reasons, you will have to get your HQ well defended, as well as concentrating on your offensive capabilities.

By the way, playing this game is based on a series of currencies, that you can easily get via playing the game but sometimes you will feel to get it fast with some real money.
Also, there is an energy system too, slowing down what you can accomplish during each session.
In conclusion, this game is nice combination of popular game types.


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