Review of AZZL as Jigsaw Puzzle Game

AZZL from Jutiful tells about the jigsaw puzzle game with a colorful graphics and funny characters to enjoy on your ios devices

azzl walkthrough ios android

To play this game, you will simply slide the puzzle pieces in two directions or tap to rotate them
Here, you will play with a looping animation together in which each piece is actually a small fragment of a little cartoon which will play over and over
Thus, all you will do is to line these fragments up since they keep changing.

In a simple way, you will merely put puzzles together.
And, it can be immensely satisfying since you flip and slide pieces around

Graphically, this game is made with the visuals and animations which are super slick and colorful
In related to the character, each you finish a puzzle, the looping animation expands into a short cartoon

Some characters in the game appear from what look like fuzzy inflatable tube men to multicolored Mike Wazowskis, in which they are all very rounded and good looking that will sometimes make you laugh at them.

Again, the puzzles in the game are made in pretty simple, short, and colorful.
Along the game, you will see the puzzle completely to work as a casual puzzle experience for anyone playing it
And, it seems that the developer has set everything to get this game fun to play with


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