Review of Astro Party as Local Multiplayer Party Game

Astro Party offers a local multiplayer party game where you can play this game online between two players on iPhone or you can play this game amongst four players on iPad.

astro party walkthrough ios android

If you can play this game on iPhone, you will take a side of the screen, with your thumbs rotating the ship while tapping causes you to fire.
Doing so will be a fairly frantic affair with each arena being small and compact.

You will play in some arenas which are somewhat different for each of them, as every arena will add their own environmental challenge.
In one of them, it has a laser beam firing at regular points and potentially taking you out
And, the other one has numerous barriers that you must shoot through to get anywhere.

Besides, there are additional modes, in that the typical Headhunter mode will get you to hunt your enemy down, and there is Pilot Execution.
In that mode, the pilot is ejected after you shoot the ship then you will be prompted to chase the pilot as well.
Doing this will be a small tweak but it can add an extra challenge to the gameplay experience.

Anyway, plying this game will offer you enough variety which is quite fun to play with your friends.
As an illustration, you can play it on your own and it is quite challenging
But, you will experience the joy when you can be duking it out with your mates if you are playing it together.

In addition, playing this game will take you to various socializing scenarios, as you will get this game fun when playing online with your friends.


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