Review of Asdivine Hearts as Fantasy RPG by Kotobuki Solution

Kotobuki Solution will allow you to travel across four companions and a cat in the adventure of a lifetime in this latest fantasy RPG

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In this game, you can play a hero named Zack, who is an orphan and a smart-aleck swordsman.
The story tells that he wants to leave the orphanage along with his childhood friend Stella
And, when a routine trip out to the woods to return an injured animal, they are brought to a very different course.

The wildcat they have tended belongs to the spirit of the Light Deity, and the heavenly one is none too happy about being a cat.
At this phase, they want to travel together for a while, and things will spin out from there.

Later on, they have two more party members, which as a mysterious gothic lolita named Uriel, and a stand-offish high priestess named Celine.
The story of this game is also pretty good and quite entertaining, with a few twists along the way that are telegraphed ahead of time.

Along the game, some obstacles never show up on your party’s side of the screen.
Alongside, you will see a turn bar at the top of the screen that shows you roughly when each participant in the battle will take their turn
Here, speed buffs or debuffs and turn-delaying special moves can change things so fast.

Your heroes will have your usual regular attacks and magic, and you have special moves, and in a nice change, they will not draw from your MP.

Anyway, you will also have limit breaks that allow your hero to pull off several special moves in a row.
Also, winning lots of battles without running away will fill up your trust meter
Then, when it is full, you are able to deliver a character’s ultimate attack, typically dealing devastating amounts of damage to your enemies.

Later on, you will be able to play on four different difficulty settings that you can adjust on the fly, with better rewards being handed out for playing on harder settings.
Playing the normal difficulty will provide occasional challenges
In each stage, you will sometimes deal with bosses or even certain packs of regular enemies.

As said earlier, every character in this game has certain skills and magic that they can use to counter enemies in the battlefield
And, every character here has something called a rubix, that is a small grid that you can place gems on for various effects.
Gems here can give you new magic, modify your stats, or give you immunities
However, you can only use as many as your rubix will fit.
In this game, these gems are all different shapes and sizes, with more powerful ones having awkward shapes and taking up more space on your rubix.
You can also find these gems as enemy drops or in chests.
Next, you are able to fuse these gems together at special shops to create powerful new ones.

In conclusion, this game is easily the best RPG that is fairly close to JRPG conventions
As a new game, this game is worth to give this one a go.


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